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  Author  Subject: Re: Got my toshiba 105cs from Ebay with no Op sys.

Posted on 05-14-2002 01:24 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> The hard drive is blank, how do I load anything into it?
> I have a floppy drive that works and a pcmcia panasonic that has no driver.
> It seems all the books I have assume an up and running system.
> I made several floppies with drivers and utilities off the web, but can't
> get this info onto the hard drive.

You don't need to load anything onto the hard disk before the install.
But you probably will need to boot from the floppy and you'll need to
use the pcmcia floppy image. That image is on the Red Hat CD. You
copy it onto a floppy with either rawrite.exe in DOS or dd in Unix.
And you may need an additional driver for your CD, but you copy that
onto a floppy, not the hard disk.


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