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  Author  Subject: Re: printing

Posted on 05-15-2002 01:59 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> I am unable to print. Linux Mandrake with a HP Photosmart 1115 on a USB
> connection. I have downloaded Ghostscript 7.04rpm and Hpijs 1.0.4.tar.gz.

You're probably using LPRng. Try "rpm -q LPRng" to verify that LPRng
is installed. Assuming it is, then verify that the lpd daemon is
running with "ps auxw | grep lpd" and look for lpd. If not, then try
starting it with its init script. Try "cd /etc/rc.d/init.d" and look
for an "lpd" script. Run it with "./lpd start" and look again for the
lpd daemon. If it fails to start, look in /var/log/messages.

When you get the daemon running, try printing a short text file with
"lpr file" and see if anything comes out. If not, then back up one
step and try sending the text file directly to the printer device with
something like "cat file >/dev/printer". I'm not sure what the right
device name is for a USB printer. I use /dev/lp0 for my parallel port
printer, but I don't think that will work for USB.

That covers the simple things. When you can get output out of the
printer, then we can worry about ghostscript. LPRng comes with a good
html Howto file, LPRng-HOWTO.html, in /usr/share/doc/LPRng-3.7.4.

And what is Hpijs?


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