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  Author  Subject: Re: Installation

Posted on 10-11-2002 04:11 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Linux needs to (1) allocate space in the fdisk partition table, really
at least 2 or 3 partitions, and (2) format those partitions with the
Linux file system, ext2. (1) is dangerous if the Linux partitions
overlap or replace the Windows partitions. (2) just works within the
confines of (1), so if (2) erases your old data, then the real problem
was with (1). (2) can also be dangerous if you already have Linux
installed and it reformats the Linux partitions.

Before starting the Linux install, you should make sure there is
enough unused space on the disk, and use Windows to reshuffle its
partitions as necessary. Once you have the free space, I'm confident
that there is some sequence of choices that will safely install Linux
into the free space, but there's really no way to talk someone through
this over email. And I agree that Linux often does a poor job of
warning you about what choices will overwrite existing partitions, but
the same can be said of Windows installs.

LILO can handle 3 or more OS's. And remember that if you want to use
LILO as your boot manager, then it has to write itself into the MBR.
That's a reasonable way to go, just don't be surprised if you already
have a boot manager in the MBR and LILO overwrites it.

Maybe some of the Howtos would be useful:


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