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  Author  Subject: Re: starting NMB services FAILED

Posted on 07-02-2000 11:32 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

I believe NMB is the NetBios name server, port 137 (1/alpha). It's a
Windows thing (and I don't do Windows). In Linux, I believe this is
part of Samba, the nmbd and samba daemons run together to share files
and printers.

Is this a Windows printer? Are you trying to get to it via Samba?
If no, then you can probably ignore this. But I would still track
down why it's trying to start the daemon and turn it off.

If you are trying to use Samba to access the printer, then this is
partly why it hasn't worked yet. The message is probably saying that
it tried start the nmbd daemon, but that failed.

Try looking at the SMB-HOWTO. But you'll have to ask someone else how
to configure Samba (I don't run Samba). Maybe you can find someone at
this week's meeting.

P.S. There must be plenty of people at SU that use Linux. Encourage
them to go to the SyrLUG meeting. This Wednesday, 7pm, OCC Applied
Tech building. Or, does SU have its own Linux meetings?


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