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  Author  Subject: RE: Installing Linux with RAID

Posted on 09-04-2002 10:49 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: John Schumann

Date: Wed Sep 4 02:49:32 EDT 2002
Name: Jym Williams Zavada
Subject: RE: Installing Linux with RAID

Jym, Not too technical...

I have a Netgear RT314 uses NAT and is enabled. Set up as a DHCP Server in
192.168.0.x range. My network is set up to use only TCPIP. It hands out
addresses just fine, and all my windows computers see each other. I have
shared folders on each computer. Do not know if they are SMB shares. My
Linux box is getting an address assigned and can connect to the Internet. I
think what I am missing in adding my workgroup name to the Linux
box.....don't know how or where this would go. Don't have any idea what the
dhcppc3 message means either. Tried reading the Linux documents, but can't
get anywhere.

I also have a printer on a print server that has a static address in my
private range that I want to use......

Thanks again,

>2. I get an error message on startup about the network. It says I need to
>put dhcppc3 in my file /etc/hosts?????? I can get on the Internet OK, But
>the Linux box doesn't see the rest of my network. I am behind a router
>a workgroup name.....don't see how to add that in Red Hat.

You don't give enough details about your network setup to determine the
problem. What brand of router is it and what kind of interface does it have?
Are you using private network addresses with NAT enabled in the router or
you using subnetted public network addresses? Is the router acting as a DHCP
server or are you statically assigning IP addresses? Is your local network
using Windows' SMB shares?

I'm sorry if these questions sound too technical, but networking and network
troubleshooting are by nature very technical beasts, and without the answers,
there is very little one can do determine a solution to your problem.

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