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  Author  Subject: Re: Floppy Installation

Posted on 04-08-2003 02:58 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Now that my power is back on ...

> I just need to know where I can find the HOWTO for performing
> a floppy only installation. Is it possible???

That depends on the distribution. I checked Red Hat and they don't
support installs via floppies. Slackware used to; in fact, the
Slackware CD was just a collection of floppy contents. I don't know
if they still do, but they may be your best chance.

If this was a "normal" box, there would be various options such as
borrowing a CD drive, moving the disk to another machine (one that had
a CD drive), etc. I don't use laptops, but is something like that

Does the laptop have an ethernet card? You could mount the CD on
another Linux machine and install over NFS or FTP. That would be a
good option. [And even if you don't have an ethernet interface, it's
still possible to network the machine over a serial or parallel port.
That's gross and terribly slow, but I think it's theoretically

But assuming that floppies are your only way into the machine and
you're really determined to get Linux in there, there are some
possibilities. How large is the hard disk? You could boot off a
floppy in rescue mode, maybe with Tom's root/boot disk (if Tom
supports laptops). Then copy the install CD onto the hard disk over
floppies in pieces. Then install from the local hard disk. But
please, let this be your last option.

There isn't really an "Install From Floppies" Howto. It's whatever
the distribution supports, there is no Linux-wide answer.

One other possibility is that FreeBSD supports installation via
floppies. It's gross, slow and requires 50-100 floppies, but it is

Let us know which strategy (if any) you want to try. Also, the next
Install Fest (soon to be announced) will be Saturday, April 26th. If
we can find a viable strategy ahead of time, you could bring it there.


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