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  Author  Subject: re: Floppy Installation

Posted on 04-08-2003 04:27 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: drock

Please everyone, you don't have to struggle with big distros!
There are floppy-centric distros you can install.
Then if you have ethernet on your old laptop/desktop, you can then connect to
the internet/LAN and install more apps from within Linux (assuming you have a
hard drive).
By the way, this is not suggested if you have less than a 486 laptop, unless
you are just going to be working with basic *nix command line utilities and
for learning purposes which in that case would be just fine. If you are using
an old machine, don't expect to enjoy running X Windows and KDE.
Ok, links:
(that has some examples you can try out)
Overall, depends on what you are trying to use the laptop for to decide if
these floppy-based solutions are right for you.

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