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  Author  Subject: RE: Authentication

Posted on 04-30-2003 04:38 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Ron

First, thanks for responding.

By "sign-on to LAN" I mean this. At work I need to give users name/PW to use
the PC's. Which in turn would give me access to printers, internet, E-mail
and storage on a shared drive(s) with my own account. I would like to do the
same thing here at my house for my family. I have for PC's down stairs for
and 2 upstairs. Those aren't connected yet. Those are for my oldest 2
daughters for homework. My oldest starts college next yr. Man no wonders I
getting gray. LOL. Anyway I don't have a static IP now, maybe in the future
but I would like an e-mail serve. To do these things is a PDC the way go?
Can I do it even though I have a static IP.

As for restalling RH 8.0 I had made changes to files and so forth and
couldn't remember what I changed. I know, I should have wrote it down. Its
also been 3 month at least since I played with Linux, so I figured it best
to start over.

I seem to get stuck on permissions. Right now I can see the Samba server in
MY network places. I can open one directory "Downloads", but this is on
Linux not Samba. The "Home" directory I can't access at all. I tried
changing permissions. Nothing happens. I've tried from the Linux box and I
get the same results. If I haven't said it, I'm newbie to Linux.

Once again thanks for your help. I hope I gave a enough information.


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