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  Author  Subject: where should I put packages (downloaded) to install ...?

Posted on 08-02-2003 03:29 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: J.P.

Where should I put packages (downloaded) to install them?
I am learning the "tar" thing, and as I am finding out, it works sometimes and
other times it requires some fiddling. However, beyond that, seing that there
is a more or less standard directory layout in Linux, where should I put
dowloaded tar or rpm files? I have been putting them in subdirectories in my
user home. Should I move them to the root user? How can I back up the packages
that I install ? Is it better to copy the "tar" and "rpm" files as part of a
back up or is there a better way? I use SUSE 8.1 on a P 2 333.

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