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  Author  Subject: Re: where should I put packages (downloaded) to install

Posted on 08-04-2003 07:50 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Now that the web server is back up, I can answer you.
(There was a runaway cron job -- don't ask.)

> I am learning the "tar" thing, and as I am finding out, it works
> sometimes and other times it requires some fiddling.

Tar is a very standard format. You can create tar files on
Unix/Linux, Mac, Windows and unpack them on another system. What
exactly requires fiddling? Probably the command-line options are
different in Linux (see "man tar"), but if it requires fiddling, then
you're doing something wrong.

> However, beyond that, seing that there is a more or less standard
> directory layout in Linux, where should I put dowloaded tar or rpm
> files? I have been putting them in subdirectories in my user
> home. Should I move them to the root user?

You mean the .tar and .rpm files? Pretty much wherever you like,
there isn't really a standard place to put them. Personally, I use a
subdirectory on /tmp and don't back them up. I figure that if my disk
crashes, I'll just ftp them again. (It helps to keep a list of what
files I have and from where I've fetched them.) You can chown them to
root and chmod them to 444 if you like (making it less likely you'll
accidentally erase them), but it's certainly not required.

> How can I back up the packages that I install ? Is it better to copy
> the "tar" and "rpm" files as part of a back up or is there a better
> way?

Backup strategies is an involved question. It depends a lot on what
needs backing up, how much space it takes, type of media, etc. The
classic backup programs are dump and tar (both have man pages) and
programs like Amanda that are built on top of them. There is a Backup
section in the Linux Howtos, although I don't think these Howtos are
all that good.


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