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  Author  Subject: finding out what went wrong with linux server

Posted on 08-11-2003 09:54 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: d-tate

Hi - My Linux server was up and running non-stop for a few months and then
seemed to be non-responsive all of a sudden - no file sharing, no print
server, no SSH. It was still running (had power). (note, it is a headless
server - no monitor) After resetting the machine, everything came back up
right away. Can you give me some direction on what logs or other sources I
might check to pinpoint the failure, and where they are located?
Server details:
Red Hat 7.3 updated to December 2002 package updates
primary apps/daemons: Samba, CUPS, SSH, Apache
ext3 filesystem (journaling)
AMD Athlon 1800, 512 meg DDR memory
2x 40 gig Drive (mirrored), 3Ware 7000 series RAID controller
Adaptec 29160 SCSI card, Sony AIT Tape Drive (SCSI)
primary tools called by scripts daily: tar (tape backup), rsync (backup other
server on network), wget (sync with updates from remote FTP site)
Thanks and see you next month!

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