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  Author  Subject: Re: Boot to External 1394 Drive

Posted on 08-15-2003 01:52 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> My primary HD is relativly small, and I am running Slackware on
> it. I do not have a whole lot of left over space, so I purchased a
> PCMCIA 1394 card and an external HD. I partitioned it and can mount
> those drives with no problems. The question is, can I boot to those
> drives using lilo? I have not been able to find much info on this on
> google, and the drive requires some kenrnel modules to see.

First, let me check that I understand the problem. The first disk
boots fine but is too small, and the second disk is large enough but
has trouble booting.

In that case, I think the simplest solution is to use both disks.
Make a small root partition (ie /) on the first disk, 100-200 meg is
plenty large for this. Make separate partitions for /var, /usr, /tmp
and /home on the second disk (if that's too many partitions, then
symlink /tmp to /var/tmp and /home to /usr/home). This way, the root
partition contains all the files needed for booting (/bin, /boot,
/dev, /etc, /lib, /root and /sbin), and LILO doesn't even need to know
that there is a second disk.

This is a very general solution for those times when you can't boot to
where you really want to (usually due to PC hardware limitations). As
long as you can boot to something, then the rest of the file system
can come from anywhere, a SCSI controller with no BIOS, an IDE disk
that the BIOS refuses to boot to, NFS mounts (for an almost diskless
machine), or in your case, a disk that requires a special module.


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