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  Author  Subject: Boot Up Delay

Posted on 02-11-2003 08:38 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mike


MID: 586 - 500 / 192MB Ram
OS: Red Hat 7.0

I have 2 NIC cards in my system, I compiled + installed drivers for them
(tulip). On boot I get a quick Eth0 [OK] but when it hits Eth1 it "hangs" for
a VERY long time then says it isn't there but when I do a ifconfig when
bootup is done on eth1 I get all the correct / valid info for that card. How
do I get bootup to see the card and/or prevent this terribly long delay at

I am also trying to setup an Internet Connection Sharing type network for my
home systems with a Linux Box as the Server Instead of a windows machine. I
got ICS working now on my home network and my machine is duel booting to
Windows and Linux but as of yet I have not got my network to work under Linux.


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