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  Author  Subject: GRrrr

Posted on 02-16-2003 11:51 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mike

OK, I have been reading a bunch of FAQ's and HOWTO's. I have followed their
instructions and still have yet been able to get my "internal" network going.
As I said before, I have both NIC cards working. eth0 is the NIC connected to
my DSL modem and I have WEB/Internet access on my linux box. I only have 2
machines on my home network and they are connected by a crossover cable on
eth1. Eventually, I want my 2nd machine (client) to be able to read and
exchange files with my linux box as well as share/use its internet
connection. I know I need SAMBA for the files exchange and IP masquarading
for sharing internet access. But from what I can tell the very first thing I
need to do is get machine 1 to be able to "see" machine 2. I have tried many
manual configurations and a buncha pinging but still no luck.
As I said before I have all this working under windows but I want to use

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