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  Author  Subject: telnet and ftp to Linux server on NT LAN

Posted on 07-19-2000 02:17 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Yu-Kang Tsao


I just install a red hat linux server 6.2 in our server in our NT LAN.
Now I am trying to let other NT workstations get connect to that linux server
via telnet or ftp through a software called Reflection X and Reflection FTP.
But it keeps on telling me "Winsock error: host refuses connection". I
search online and I reconfigure my linux server to let it allow other NT
workstations connect to it. I modify my /etc/hosts.allow but it still
refuses accepting connections from our NT workstation. So if you have some
idea about it, please help me with it. You can reach me at
Thank you very much.



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