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  Author  Subject: looking for things to check for ssh(d)...

Posted on 01-23-2003 01:52 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: DaveMel

We installed redhat 7.3 on a pentium box but can't ssh into it, for some
reason. Was hoping I could get a few hints on what to check. (X isn't
installed, among other things.)

We can ssh into that same machine from itself (So sshd must be running,
right?). But, I can't ssh into it from another computer. I can ping to it
and from it.

There are a number of variables in the config file, but nothing in that file
jumped out at me as being a possible cause. But then, I don't understand all
of the parameter meanings, either.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. I'd like to work on it remotely. This
machine is in the basement and it's really cold down there!


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