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  Author  Subject: XDM - remote X clients - article by Jym

Posted on 07-01-2003 05:40 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Derek

Enjoyed reading Jym's article about using XDM (entitled "poor man's KVM"). A
couple ideas to try along the same lines regarding Microsoft Windows PCs as
either "master terminals" or X clients:

1. VNC on your Linux/BSD server - run the VNC server daemon
at prompt, enter vncserver (can be done through telnet or SSH)
(will request for a password if first time) and will launch X and set X
client to "1"
On Windows PC, install VNC (try, or viewer.
Enter IP address of your Linux/BSD server with a ":1" (example:
To kill your X session on the server, you can type
vncserver -kill :1
Note: you can have numerous VNC X sessions running off a single Linux/BSD
machine, but make sure your machine has enough power/memory.
The VNC server daemon is included with many distributions or freely
downloadable on the web. "" for example

2. Run xfree86 on your Windows PC. Yes, there are some commercial X server
packages and you can also build your own using the xfree86 code, but you can
also use "cygwin" which is a free Linux/Unix/BSD environment that runs on
Microsoft Windows, and with it, you can launch many Linux tools and apps,
including xfree86. A great place to start:

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