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  Author  Subject: mount HD with ntfs file system

Posted on 06-14-2003 10:33 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: nahmin horwitz

Thanks Mark and Jym for your response.

>modinfo ntfs did indeed produce the response: no module by that name found

So I downloaded kernel-ntfs-2.4.20-18.9.i686.rpm from as you suggested. Installation seemed to go
OK and I am able to mount /mnt/DOS_hda2 and am able to transfer XP files to
the linux HD.

Problem is I cannot open them.

If I use OpenOffice and try to open a Microsoft Word document, I get response:
access to /home/nahmin/foo.doc was denied.

The permission on the file foo.doc is: r-- --- ---
If I try: >chmod 777 foo.doc the response is:
chmod: changing permissions of 'foo.doc': Read only file system
and the permission remains: r-- --- ---

Have I done something wrong?



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