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  Author  Subject: RE: usbvision driver module

Posted on 06-15-2003 12:06 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Jym Williams Zavada

>ok i downloaded the latest version (CVS) of the driver when i went to compile
>it it said thet the running version of thr kernal did not mach the header
>version. this is on a fresh install of redhat 9 nothing done but download the
>usbvision module. i got it to compile with 'make -i' to ignore the errors

First of all, the documentation page on the website
from whence you said you downloaded the module says that you need a copy your
kernel's .config and version.h files and you don't mention anything about
having done that. So if you didn't do that, that may be a part of your problem.

Second, errors don't just go away when you ignore them! Yet that's what
you're doing when you run make with the '-i' option. It doesn't mean the
errors go away, it means that you want to ignore them. And unless you KNOW
that you can safely ignore errors, you should NOT do so. That is most likely
where your problem lies. I recommend starting from scratch, and this time,
when you get errors, find out what they mean (or post them here to let us
try), rather than ignore them. Otherwise, there's no way of knowing whether
or not you've a validly compiled device driver.

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