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  Author  Subject: Re: usbvision driver module

Posted on 06-15-2003 11:15 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Jym Williams Zavada wrote:

>Date: Sun Jun 15 00:06:39 EDT 2003
>Name: Jym Williams Zavada
>Subject: RE: usbvision driver module
>>ok i downloaded the latest version (CVS) of the driver when i went to compile
>>it it said thet the running version of thr kernal did not mach the header
>>version. this is on a fresh install of redhat 9 nothing done but download the
>>usbvision module. i got it to compile with 'make -i' to ignore the errors
>First of all, the documentation page on the website
>from whence you said you downloaded the module says that you need a copy your
>kernel's .config and version.h files and you don't mention anything about
>having done that. So if you didn't do that, that may be a part of your problem.
>Second, errors don't just go away when you ignore them! Yet that's what
>you're doing when you run make with the '-i' option. It doesn't mean the
>errors go away, it means that you want to ignore them. And unless you KNOW
>that you can safely ignore errors, you should NOT do so. That is most likely
>where your problem lies. I recommend starting from scratch, and this time,
>when you get errors, find out what they mean (or post them here to let us
>try), rather than ignore them. Otherwise, there's no way of knowing whether
>or not you've a validly compiled device driver.

ok im sorry i did'nt say i had coppied the files but the error i could
not get by was the one that said the running kernel was diferent than
the kernel headers thats why i tried the -i and like i said before this
is a bone stock install. I installed only the stuff i needed like the
multimedia, kernel source, X, and gnome. so why would the running kernel
and the headers have diferent versions. I think i may try mandrake
instead of readhat next.

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