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  Author  Subject: WAP for sale

Posted on 03-18-2003 09:22 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dr oneill

Hello All:

I have an SMC 2655W Wireless Access Point for sale. It is new and has the
full SMC lifetime warranty, but box was opened for testing.

Comes with all original packaging, documentation and CD but I'd recommend
doing the current firmware upgrade from SMC. ALWAYS toss the CD and download
the latest software and firmware.

This is--like all SMC products--100% UNIX and Linux compatible, and SMC has a
good 24/7 365 tech support line.

If you are new to wireless please realise this is not the total package for'll still need to have a wireless PCMCIA card for a laptop
or a PCI wireless card for your desktop and a router to plug it into. I'll
include an RJ-45 Patch cord of any length you need and will make it while you
are here as long as the length does not exceed 328 ft--the maximum allowed
with CAT 5, and a maximum I don't recommend. Measure what you need and add
ten percent.

I'd also advise against SMC wireless cards should you need to buy one. Range
is not good, honestly horrible. They make fine routers and AP's but the ONLY
wireless card I'd recommend is the Orinoco Gold or Silver. Period.

For those who wish to do their own cabling at home I'll throw in two RJ 45
wall jacks that do not require crimping tools. These wall jacks and plates
would run about $20 for the pair anywhere, even Home Depot or Chase Pitkin

Range on the 2655 W is excellent. I bought it as I thought I'd need it due to
the size of my home. Turned out I did not need it but it was too late to
return it. I have one 2655W here and it covers everything from basement to
attic, and about 150 ft in any direction from my home outdoors.

Note: the SMC docs mention this acts as a bridge. Don't think for a moment
that this means it can be used in a bridging mode (ie. to connnect one AP to
another in another building or home at a separate location with YAGI antennae.

Here's a link to what it looks like:

Best and current street price from a reliable vendor tonight on Pricewatch is
$108 and change. First good offer of $80 or more here takes it. I'll
negotiate a bit but am not desperate. I still like to haggle though anyway.
And if you live in the Dewitt area I'll go over with you to your home and do
a site survey to check range and help set it up.



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