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  Author  Subject: Re: connection to my isp

Posted on 05-04-2003 01:48 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> I have been trying to connect to my isp using Red Hat 8, KPPP. The
> modem (a USRobotics external) is dialing out but not connecting. I
> have put in primary and secondary dns numbers, changed connection
> speed and did every thing I could think of.

That suggests that you have the right device and that Linux can talk
to it, but that something in the PPP config is misconfigured, maybe
something as simple as user name and password.

Personally, I don't use KPPP (actually, I never use K-anything).
Let's try going behind KDE's back and run it manually. Go to
/usr/share/doc/ppp-2.4.1/scripts and copy the ppp-on, ppp-off and
ppp-on-dialer scripts to /etc/ppp and edit them for your configuration
(TELEPHONE, ACCOUNT and PASSWORD). Then run ./ppp-on manually and see
if that works.

> My isp does not give technical support for linux. So I am
> between a rock and a hard place.

What ISP? Some ISPs (usually cheap nation-wide) won't work with
Linux. What you want is a pure PPP connection. But if they give you
these custom connect scripts that run under Windows, it's possible
that you won't get it to work with Linux.


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