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  Author  Subject: Compaq prosignia vs

Posted on 05-07-2003 12:28 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Dave

First off, thank you, all other boards w/info had no response. It says
nothing besides Prosignia vs on front, and series 3420 on back. Inside on
the prossecor there is a fan that says intel overdrive PODPSV. The tower has
50 pin (25 x2) and my hd's have 20x2. The tower has two fans? The hd i am
trying to install is small but its all i have, i have 2 w/20 pins. The best
looking one says Quantum prodrive lps on it. I am willing to put in bigger
one if necessary but i want to be sure it works before spending money. I am
willing to trade my 2-20(x2) pin hd's for one 25(2) hd that will work with
my machine and windows 98se or higher. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you!

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