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  Author  Subject: ide tape drive

Posted on 05-07-2003 09:45 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Tom Crisafulli

My original Red Hat Version 5.2 recognizes ide tape drives when it boots. It
makes backups and restores perfectly. When I upgraded to Red Hat Version 7.2
to upgrade from 2.0 kernal to get 2.4 kernal, the tape drive makes perfect
backups (I have tested it on a computer running Version 5.2.), but when I go
to restore to Version 7.2 I get a statement the it cannot read - input/output
error - at the beginning of the tape.

I use both the tar command and the utility taper. Do you have any
suggestions on why the backup restore failed.

Tom Crisafulli

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