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  Author  Subject: Re: SuSe Linux

Posted on 05-08-2003 03:08 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster:

First of all, I'm copying this message on the Syrlug forum web page. You really
should to post your questions to our website's support forum rather than to the
general syrlug address. That way you'll be far more likely to get answers (more
people == bigger knowledgebase).

If you're refering to our next InstallFest, the next one will most likely be in
July, but we haven't set a specific date yet. We hold our regular meetings on
the first Wednesday of every month. For details and updates, see our website at

Dual-boot systems are often more of a headache than a help. Many folks who
start out with dual-boot systems often end up with a dedicated machine for each
OS because it is much less painful. And although I fully empathize with the
reasons why most people want a dual-boot workstation, I fail to see how running
a dual-boot server would be desirable.

However, if that is what you really want, the easiest and safest way to do
dual-boot (and the way I highly recommend everyone use) is to install a second
hard disk dedicated to Linux. This obviates the need for re-partitioning
software and the ensuing nightmare that you've already experienced. Trying to
set up two OSs on the the same hard drive is something that should be only if
and when you are willing to wipe the hard drive clean and install both systems
from scratch.

-Jym Williams Zavada
SYRLUG Coordinator

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Joseph P. Milano wrote:

> Hi
> When is your next meeting? I have been trying to learn and install Suse
> for two years . I get it loaded and it crashes a day or so later. so i get
> frustrated and put it down and after a while i start over again. I am
> trying to also duel boot with windows XP pro. I have everything needed to
> do duel boot but i can't get partition magic to work right. So in turn i
> need to pick your brain. My ultimate goal is to set up a gaming server for
> counter strike. Thats if i ever get a stable install and if counter strike
> is still around.... by that time LOL So ... if you would , i need your
> help. Hope to hear from you soon.
> Thank You
> Joe Milano

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