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  Author  Subject: Re: compaq prosignia vs

Posted on 05-08-2003 09:09 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: dave wrote:

>Date: Wed May 7 23:51:23 EDT 2003
>Name: dave
>Subject: compaq prosignia vs
>thanks Dr. I think 199 is very good.

Sure, and it is but don't forget shipping. I'd figure on $225 after that.

> I have a monitor, will the floppy and
>modem from the compaq,

Floppy will work,; the modem may not unless it is a PCI modem

> or packard"s work for thw walmart machine? will the
>memory from the packard's work in the compaq. I'll leave you nice fellows
>alone after this one... thanks again. Doc, will ur ide controller do me any
>good if my memory sticks will work,

The IDE controller I have is PCI; the rest of that question confuses me
as I have no idea to which machine you refer.

> i also have a 128ddr ram i took out when
>i went to 2-1gb ram's in my own. its pc2100 so im sure it wont work, but
>the packards are the same size, will they work from a legend w/pentium2?

If you refer to the Walmart PC you had better go read the specs. It uses
PC 133 SDRAM and is expandable to 1 GB. I've not read the specs on the
mainboard but assume two slots. PC 2100 will not work.

The Packard Bell's would make a fine boat anchor or scrap metal for
welding practice.

Good Luck


Ohh...not being rude, but this is not a Windows forum. If you have
other questions about that sort of thing I suggest you try a place like

And, as previously suggested, you may wish to buy a book or go to the
library if you want to know more about hardware.

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