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  Author  Subject: Re: ide tape drive

Posted on 05-09-2003 01:51 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Returning to an "old" question from yesterday morning:

> My original Red Hat Version 5.2 recognizes ide tape drives when it boots. It
> makes backups and restores perfectly. When I upgraded to Red Hat Version 7.2
> to upgrade from 2.0 kernal to get 2.4 kernal, the tape drive makes perfect
> backups (I have tested it on a computer running Version 5.2.), but when I go
> to restore to Version 7.2 I get a statement the it cannot read - input/output
> error - at the beginning of the tape.

I don't know. Tar is very stable format, so I don't think there would
be any compatibility issues with writing in 5.2 and reading in 7.2 (or
vice-versa). But let's check, can you write onto the tape in 7.2 and
then read it back in 7.2?

I/O error usually means a hardware problem, something like no tape in
the drive, trying to write with the write-disable tab set, bad blocks
on the tape, etc. It means that it can't read the bytes off the tape,
not that the bytes are in the wrong format (eg, tar). So, recheck the
simple things.


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