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  Author  Subject: Frustration when trying to learn Linux

Posted on 05-10-2003 07:41 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Joe Milano

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Joseph P. Milano wrote:

> Hi
> When is your next general meeting? I have been trying to learn and
install Suse for two years plus . I get it loaded and it crashes a day or
so later. So,I get frustrated and put it down and after a while I start over
again. I am also trying to duel boot with windows XP pro so that i can play
with Linux without moving to a different machine. I have everything needed
to do duel boot but i can't get partition magic to work right. So in turn i
> need to pick your brain. My ultimate goal is to set up a dedicated gaming
server for counter strike. Thats if I ever get a stable install and if
counter strike is still around.... by that time... LOL So ... if you
would , I need your help. Hope to hear from you soon.
> Thank You
> Joe Milano

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