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  Author  Subject: Re: Frustration when trying to learn Linux

Posted on 05-10-2003 02:42 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> When is your next general meeting?

We meet the first Wednesday of the month. So, the next meeting is
Wednesday, June 4, like it (now) says on the front web page. You may
also be interested in the next Install Fest, sometime in mid or late
July (we haven't picked a date yet).

> I have been trying to learn and install Suse for two years plus. I
> get it loaded and it crashes a day or so later.

Personally, I have never seen a SuSE install go well. Last time I
tried SuSE, it gave me a German-layout keyboard and the wrong mouse
type. I would suggest sticking with Red Hat or Debian, although that
doesn't really explain why things are crashing on you.

> I am also trying to duel boot with windows XP pro so that i can play
> with Linux without moving to a different machine. I have everything
> needed to do duel boot but i can't get partition magic to work
> right.

Let's start over from the beginning, I think you may be getting a bit
ahead of yourself. What type of machine? CPU speed? Amount of RAM?
Size of disk(s)? Partition layout?

Linux needs at least three empty partitions: /boot (50-100 meg), swap
(100-200 meg) and the rest for / (at least 500-1000 meg). The
partitions can be extended partitions. Do you mean Partition Magic
the commercial program? It can resize some partitions and edit the
FDISK table.

If you have a spare machine, something like a low end Pentium, that's
really the best way to experiment with Linux without risking your main

P.S. "Dual" means "two", "duel" means "fight".


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