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  Author  Subject: re: ide tape drive

Posted on 05-12-2003 10:28 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Derek

I don't recommend you use MT commands with that drive and that may be some of
the problem. As (Mark?) said below, Tar is very stable. I suggest you use the
tape drive as an autorewinding device and not try and put multiple backup
sets on each tape. You should post the actual scripts/commands you are using
so someone here can help you more. Here is a tape backup command line to
backup a certain root folder named "testing123":

/bin/tar -cf /dev/st0 /testing123

It will rewind the tape automatically after the backup. This line targets a
SCSI based tape device, so you might need to modify. Make sure you are using
the right Tar commands and note that Tar options may have changed over time.
I am assuming you used Tar to backup with the old 5.x Red Hat, but post your
actual old backup scripts so we can see.

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