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  Author  Subject: Rute

Posted on 11-02-2003 08:53 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Bill Marshall

Dear Mark:
I guess I didn't make my question very clear.
According to the book puting the command echo 'cat <filename>'
with the cat filename in backquotes was supposed to just
order the command cat to perform it's job. But something
is not right in mycomputerworld. :)
The address for the book is
This comes standard with my linux Mandrake 9.0 Documentation.
But I have been working with it for years on that old 86$
laptop I got off E-Bay.
P.S. Your probably don't remember, but you helped me with all
my ?'s regarding that little laptop and getting the floppy to
work with the home IBM
From: "Mark W. Krentel"
Subject: Re: are floppys interchangeable?
Sorry this is so long, but I'm having fun:)
Thanks Again for alllll your help

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