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  Author  Subject: logrotate question

Posted on 11-17-2003 10:42 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Paul Morawski <>

All --

I saw Mark Krentel's recent article about logrotate and I have a
question. I maintain a web server that occasionally has long-running
CGIs (they can run for days). Occasionally, logrotate gets fired up and
bounces apache in the postrotate clause. Bye bye CGI...

Is there a way to insert a prerotate script to detect the presence of a
long-running CGI and then have that CGI abort the log rotation? I don't
see any option for conditional execution in the (Redhat) logrotate

Any tips appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Responses by email appreciated.

Paul Morawski
The MITRE Corporation

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