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  Author  Subject: logrotate

Posted on 11-18-2003 09:19 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Paul Morawski

Mark --

Thanks for your thoughtful response.

Yes, sending Apache a HUP signal causes it to kill itself and restart.
You can achieve a graceful restart (subprocesses allowed to complete)
by sending a USR1 message. (See p. 71 of O'Reilly's "Apache: The
Definitive Guide"). However, if I am reluctant to use USR1, because
it could leave Apache in an odd state for a long time. (Recall that
some of my CGIs run for days).

Your idea of catching the signal in the CGI is interesting, and I'll
consider it. However, I suspect that the cleanest path is your other
suggestion -- determine whether the rotation is "safe" BEFORE kicking
logrotate off.

Thanks again,

Paul Morawski

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