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  Author  Subject: Re: DNS and web server

Posted on 10-27-2003 12:34 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Sounds like you should get your boss to hire a consultant.

> My boss has assigned me the task of building a company website.
> He wants to host the the site himself on a linux machine.
> He wants a qualified domain name (

Sure, you can buy a domain name and run Apache on Linux. One tip - if
you compile Apache from source yourself, it makes it easier to keep up
to date.

> So what I think I need to do is to point ""
> to IP but we want to run our own mail-
> servers also so we'll be requiring something like

You mean NS = Name Server? I think you're confusing name server with
mail server. The master name server has to resolve to
w.x.y.z, but that doesn't have to be your Linux machine (and probably
shouldn't be). It makes more sense for your upstream provider to do
that. For example, this machine ( is an http and mail
server, but we're only a DNS client, not a server. Dreamscape (who
graciously hosts the machine) is our master server.

Be sure to add MX records for the mail server.

> To make matters even more compliated, its going to be over a dsl
> connection, so the IP needs to be updated periodcally.

I don't think it's fundamentally more complicated. It just means that
the mapping from name to address changes from time to time. That's
the point of name servers.

See if your boss will hire a consultant.


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