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  Author  Subject: Re: DNS and web server

Posted on 10-27-2003 06:38 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Ok, I think your main concern is to find someone to host your DNS
records. It makes sense for your ISP to do this, especially if you
don't have a static address. I'd expect they're set up for this, and
it's very little work for them, although I have no idea what their
pricing structure is. But you can't do it without a static address,
and even then it's overkill.

You should also check with your ISP that they're ok with you running
servers. Some ISPs don't allow this and some charge extra for it, so
you should check.

> I understand what a Name Server is. But when I go to set
> up and then add sub domains, like
> (for webmail) would it not be easier
> to have our name server, or is it just not an issue? is a domain, is just a machine name, it's
not a subdomain. And you only need about 4-5 of them (the machine's
name plus aliases for www, ftp, mail) and they won't change until you
add a second machine.


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