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  Author  Subject: re: SuSE 8.1 restore issue using a Sony AIT 260e drive

Posted on 12-22-2004 09:49 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: ds

I think you most likely have a driver problem with the scsi controller on
motherboard or drive itself. If you are using "tar" for the restore and it is
giving errors. Look at drivers and make sure they are fully tested and
compatible with your kernel version. You may need to recompile for your
particular kernel. There are differences between reading and writing, and the
reading may employ caching or other parameters that are too aggressive or not
well matched for your controller (or drive).

I find the most reliable SCSI controller and drivers in Linux to be Adaptec
29160. For ATA RAID, I find the most reliable ATA RAID hardware controller to
be the "3Ware" series. I installed a heavy traffic server with both a 29160
and a 3Ware that has been running well for over 2 years nonstop. It uses Sony
AIT tape backup controlled by the 29160 and a pair of IDE drives running as a
mirror controlled by 3Ware 7000 series RAID controller. I belive the install
was done with Red Hat 7.3.

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