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  Author  Subject: networking to windoze

Posted on 01-05-2004 06:09 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Derek

Assuming you have a router that allows all your PCs to share the internet at
the same time - a hub/switch alone will not work. A hub/switch will work to
interconnect the computers locally.

On Linux machine, you need to run the Samba client - to access shared folders
on other Windows computers. Win2000 and XP Professional require the client
machine to be authenticated, which means you will need to make an account for
the Linux machine on the Windows PC. XP Home is different and allows basic
workgroup networking. Go to for more info.

Your Linux distribution likely has Samba, though you may not have installed
that package. Maybe someone can help you at the next install fest with this?

Mounting a CD: you need to learn and run the "mount" commands to mount your
CD, unless you are using a graphical distribution and/or one that auto-mounts
CDs for you. Maybe someone can help you at the next install fest for this as
For example: mount -t dev/cdrom /mnt
"cdrom" is usually the dev name for the cd drive in your system, and usually
that term is installed for you by most distributions, and definitely by RH 9.

I have a home network sharing a cable modem connection. One machine runs
Windoze 2000 and the other XP. I have a linux box that I would like to add
the network. I would like to be able to access the network printer, and
shared files. The linux box can access the internet without a problem. I
have been able to download programs and install them. Before installing
9.0 (at an Installfest in Oct.) I found some programs of interest and burned
them to CD, but my linux box doesn't mount the CD. So, in summary, I have
questions. How do I access or mount my CD-ROM drive and how do I get the
linux box to work with my Windoze network?

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