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  Author  Subject: problem due to external HD

Posted on 01-30-2004 01:28 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: nahmin horwitz

At last install fest I got help installing dual boot (WIN XP/LINUX RED HAT 9)
on internal HD of my Dell latitude 840 laptop. A second (external) HD was
configured so it could be mounted to the linux file system. That second HD
plugs into a socket that is also used by the floppy.

PROBLEM: If I try to boot linux without the second hard disk plugged in the
boot hangs and I get the following messages:

boot-main: clean, 43/26208 files, 12638/104422 blocks
An error occurred during file check
Dropping you to a shell: The system will reboot when you leave the shell
Give root password for maintenance
Or type control-D to continue

So as of now I cannot use the floppy drive if I want to run LINUX.
Any suggestions?



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