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  Author  Subject: Re: kernel issues

Posted on 07-08-2004 08:35 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: movitto

Thanks alot jym for the reply.
I actually solved all my kernel problems since my post, heres how I did it:
(There are MORE questions at BOTTOM of POST if you want to skip over all this

1. my ethernet card is recognized if I load the particular driver as a module.
The thing I was having trouble with was the DHClient utility on my system
which was not getting an IP address from my router. I soon found out that this
was because I did not enable socket filtering in my kernel. DHClient needs
both packet socket and socket filtering enabled

2. I just kept on playing around with kernel options untill I got my parallel
port back up. The options that I finally enabled were:
Under the parallel support menu:
a. parallel port support
b. PC style hardware
c. Multiple io cards (parallel and serial)
d. Support for pcmcia management for pc-style ports
e. support for forein hardware
f. IEEE 1284 transfer modes
and under the char devices menu:
g parallel printer support
h support for console on line printer
i support for user-space parallel port device drivers

All these probably are not needed (especially d) but the printer works (at
least as well as it used to... darn cups) and Im not complaining.

3. The shutdown problem occured because ACPI and APM were incorrectly
configured. Since I am using linux on an older machine, my mobo does not
support ACPI by default or automatically or something or other (anyone want to
take a guess at why?) But ACPI will work if enabled in kernel and the
following added to bootloader file under image entry:
This forces acpi to start which the enables my system to turn off at shutdown

4. This is a random problem I still have. Sometimes automount will shutdown
properly and sometimes it wont. It seems that If I start my system then
immediately shutdown then automount will NOT shutdown properly. But if I use
it for a little while (it doesnt have to be that long) automount will
shutdown. ??? Anyone want to guess the reason for that one?


NEW questions:

1. During the last LUG meeting I you were talking about 3rd party graphics
card drivers and such. But I was under the impression that all drivers were
directly built into the kernel or loaded as modules to the kernel. Please
clarify my thinking and tell me how these 3rd party drivers are implemented
into linux.

2. (quick summary of my post below) I am trying to install bittorrent which
depends on python2.3. I have tried to install 2.3 through making the source as
well as rpm's. All ways seem to work and when I run python -V i get 2.3.4 as
the version. The thing is that bittorrent still yells at me saying that it
needs 2.3. So i check the rpm database and it says python is still in version
2.2.1. It even says this after i issue a "rpm --rebuilddb". On further
examination it seems like there are 'two' pythons on my system: python and
python2.3 (btw doing a -V on each still yields 2.3.4). I am completely
confused right now and in need of help. I cant uninstall python cause some
system programs need it. Ahhh... linux newb in distress :)

3. (not really a question) I have build playing around with building my kernel
on a test linux box, so its all cool. Also i heard that building your kernel
and eliminating unnecessary stuff can save you ALOT of memory. Thanks for the

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, both on these forumns and at the
LUG meetings. Every time I hear anyone refer some unknown linux or computer
feature it motivates me to play with my linux box more and more (believe me
this happens alot.. especially at LUG meetings). Anyways thanks everyone and
I'm looking forward to the next meeting.

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