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  Author  Subject: CD Writing

Posted on 07-27-2004 02:03 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Movitto

Hi again;

When compiling the new (2.6.7) kernel, I did not enable scsi emulation cause
it said I no longer needed it to burn cd's. After I got 2.6 working I went to
look for a howto to burn a cd but everything is for pre 2.5/2.6 when scsi
emulation is necessary. I tried just guessing how to do this and ran the command:
cdrecord -v speed=20 dev/dev/hdb -audio -pad track1 track2 ...
(the pad option is present cause cdrecord yells at me saying file sizes have
to be a multiple of 2352)

But what I ended up with was a cd with the right amount of tracks but staticy
garbage on each track. I have not yet burned a cd using linux, so am in need
of a bit of help. If anyone knows howto do this (both audio and data cd's)
please post, or if anyone has a link please share it.

Thanks alot!

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