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  Author  Subject: Re: Playing games on Linux

Posted on 03-05-2004 05:54 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Jym Williams Zavada

>Is it possible to play Windows-based games on a Linux syste, perhaps through
>some kind of emulator (in a similar fashion to the virtual PC that runs on

Yes, you could. Although there are a number of choices, the one I've heard
the most about is VMWare, which is a commercial package that does the same as
virtualPC does on the Macs, and you can choose either the Windows-based or
the Linux-based version. However, keep in mind, that using an emulator can
be like hauling a camper hitched to an econobox car. In other words, is your
computer beefy enough to do the job of two computers at once? If not, you
won't want to use an emulator.

>If not, would it be practical to run Linus & Windows in parallel on a
>computer, for instance to run my programs (Dad's office-type software &
>utilities & e-mail) on Linux, and retain Windows for the kids' on-line games?

My personal recommendation is that two computers, one running Linux and one
running Windows, is the ideal way to use two OSes. The next best way would
be to have a dual-boot machine, unless you have a very powerful box capable
of emulating two machines at once, in which case something like VMWare would
be better.

>I had thought W XP to be a vast improvement on W98, but I am finding it has
>its own set of foibles, and I am finally considering giving up & moving to

In my experience, I've found that every OS has its good points and bad points.
Nonetheless, I prefer the use of any Unix variant over the rest. However,
I'm not foolish enough to insist that everyone must do so.

>WHat are the main pros & cons of Linux vs a Mac?

Well, on my home network are several different machines running several
different OSes, among them Linux and Macs, and a Windows box that is "the
family computer", used mostly by 6-year-old son for games and educational
software, as well as some supervised web browsing. The Linux boxes include my
primary workstation and the network file/print server. The Macs are my wife's
laptop and my secondary workstation (which is an old, slow, beige desktop G3),
both of which are running MacOS X. We have decided that the next family
computer will be a new Mac, because it has an easy-to-use interface for
my wife and son, it can run many of the same games and educational software
that my son uses, it has a lot of funky doodads that come with it (we'll be
able to easily put the family videos on DVD, create our own music and picture
CDs, etc.), and it has the Unix underneath that I love. The caveat is that
Macs cost more than Windows/Linux/Intel machines. That's the reason we don't
have one yet ;^)

So that's the nutshell version of why I think Macs are the ideal "family
computer". But that's just for my family. Your mileage may vary. <grin>

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