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  Author  Subject: Re: Playing games on Linux

Posted on 03-08-2004 11:51 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: John W. Wilhere

>>Is it possible to play Windows-based games on a Linux syste, perhaps through
>>some kind of emulator (in a similar fashion to the virtual PC that runs on

>Yes, you could. Although there are a number of choices, the one I've heard
>the most about is VMWare, which is a commercial package that does the same as
>virtualPC does on the Macs, and you can choose either the Windows-based or
>the Linux-based version. However, keep in mind, that using an emulator can
>be like hauling a camper hitched to an econobox car. In other words, is your
>computer beefy enough to do the job of two computers at once? If not, you
>won't want to use an emulator.

Or you could use WineX by TransGaming ( which
actually works quite well. This is a commercial extension of the popular
wine project that deals specifically with directx games. I've used it a few
times and it works pretty well for the games that the site says it works
with. This company is pretty unpopular with the RMS/GNU set as of late
because of their broken promises to return this technology in some GPL'd
form, but if you're in need of a Diablo II fix on a late night, it'll work.

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