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  Author  Subject: driver for laptop touchpad

Posted on 05-07-2004 01:25 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: nahmin horwitz

I am using a Dell Latitude C840 laptop dual boot RH9 and WINxp.
The laptop touchpad and joystick work under WINxp but not under linux.

Dell tells me the touchpad is a Synoptics touchpad and the joystick is ALPS
glidepad/stickpointer. has a driver for the Synoptics touchpad and
ALPS, called tpconfig that can be downloaded but..

1]Under 'How to use tpconfig' it says: ' cannot use tpconfig while X
Windows is running.'

2]Under 'Other tpconfig News (November 14 2000)' it says 'Added a 2.2.17
kernel patch that provides a mechanism for access the aux device while another
proces (e.g. X server) has it open. tpconfig can now be run under X'

Does X mean X Windows?
Does 2] cancel 1]?

There are the following choices for the driver download:

Which of these do you recommend I download and why?

There are also earlier versions available for download.
Under Version 3.1 there is also an item:
2.2.17 kernel patch
I assume I should download that also. Yes? Once I get the kernel patch how
do I install it?



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