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  Author  Subject: Re: SUSE 9.0 and Wireless Card

Posted on 05-14-2004 02:24 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

Ok, ifconfig and netstat look reasonable. That suggests the problem
may be with the router (or between your machine and the router, see

What is the topology of your local network? That is, what is the path
from the Thinkpad to the router to your ISP? What type of ISP is it
(dialup, cable modem, DSL, etc.)?

Netstat says that the address on your router is (the
gateway address). Is that right, and is that what the router thinks
it is? Try "ping", that will tell you if the Thinkpad can
reach the router.

Also, your Thinkpad has two network interfaces, both on the 192.168.1
network, and netstat reports that the ethernet card (eth0) is the
default route. That may be a source of confusion. For example, is
there a wire in the ethernet card that goes to the router? Or, are
you expecting to get to the router via the wireless interface (wlan0)?

Try turning off one of the interfaces. For example, suppose you pick
wlan0 as your main interface. Then, (as root) you could turn off eth0

ifconfig eth0 down
route add default gw

If that works, then we can discuss ways to set this automatically at
boot time.


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