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  Author  Subject: Re: SUSE 9.0 and wireless

Posted on 05-27-2004 06:27 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

> As root I typed in /sbin/dhcpcd wlan0 &
> As a newbie, I have no idea what it does.

dhcpcd is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client Daemon. It
sends a request asking for someone, in this case your router, to
assign it an IP address on that interface. You would use ifconfig to
set a static address, and you would use dhcpcd to get a dynamic one.

If you want to always run this program at boot time, you can add it to
the rc.local file. And you don't need the "&", dhcpcd runs in the
background on its own.


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