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  Author  Subject: Re: Linspire

Posted on 10-07-2004 10:20 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Ed Veaudry

Good morning. I haven't tried Linspire myself, but I see on the
site that they have their MIDI applications. I thought for sure that
you'd be able to find XMMS in the CNR section, and that's a good
all-around player for most audio formats... but no XMMS. Their WinAmp
clone is FreeAmp and is available at .

Regarding installing programs without CNR, go to the page of the
application that you are looking to install... like and get the source and follow the
installation instructions. It's usually a {./configure, make, make
install} thing and you'll need the developer tools (compiler and
what-not) if they aren't already installed (let's hope they are, eh?


-Jeff [] wrote:
> Date: Mon Oct 4 11:33:38 EDT 2004
> Name: Ed Veaudry
> Subject: Linspire
> I recently installed Linspire as a second OS on my laptop. a woonderful
> program. As a newbie to the Linux distros I am having a difficult time
> understanding how to install programs. Linspire come with a program called CNR
> (click n run) that allows me to d/l from a database of programs.
> 1.I am having a difficult time finding a program that will play midi files.
> 2. I don't know how to install programs taht are out of the relm of CNR.
> Is there a good resource that I can use? Syrlug meets during the evening when
> I am usually working. Are there other times or other groups that are available?
> TIA EdV (a convert in waiting)

In God we trust. All others must submit an X.509 certificate.

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