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  Author  Subject: upgrading kernel

Posted on 10-16-2004 07:35 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: andy tompkins

this site is a great resource, thank you. I intend to read it all eventually.

here's my situation/question:
I am trying to get a wireless card on my notebook (dell Inspiron 8500) working
with linux RH9. So, I find sites with support for the PCMCIA wireless card
(Linksys) to work with certain flavors of RH9 kernels-package release version
(numbers like 2.4.20-20, 2.4.20-28, etc), but not the particular kernel
version I seem to have (2.4.20-8). I can't seem to find the raw kernel 2.4.
20-20 on the RedHat site (or even do I know if this makes sense to try to use
it if I did find it...!) Where would one look for downloads for
kernel/package release combinations? And is it as simple as copying it to my
/boot directory and making my grub.conf file point to it? I have a feeling it
probably isn't (what good things in life are simple?).

Thanks for any insight/advice you may have.

andy tompkins

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