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  Author  Subject: Getting my Epson Stylus C82 printer to work with Ubuntu.

Posted on 01-08-2005 01:54 p.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: David Haas

I recently (easily) installed Ubuntu. All works well, except I can't print.
Yet it lists my local printer correctly as Epson Stylus C82. When I clink on
"Print a test page" nothing happens, and nothing happens when I ask a program
to print some text.My USB cable is plugged in okay and the printer is on, of
course. My printer is not listed in Ubuntu's list of Epson printers. However,
I read online that the stylus C82 works perfectly with Linux. I, a newbie,
would appreciate help in solving this problem. I've looked at the sites for
downloading drivers. I've also looked at those that list PPD files, since when
I click on "install Driver" it states "PPD Files."

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