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  Author  Subject: Probale with sending and receiving e-mails on Model #150 IPS # 024186275

Posted on 04-28-2005 02:43 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Missey Knapp

Hi..Not sure if this is where I can get any info. My Mom rec'd a mailstation
Model #150 as a Christmas gift 11-23-2003. So far she has not had a major
problem with it and has enjoyed it very much. She lives in Maine, I am her
daughter and live in Oregon. Needless to say this is an inexpensive way to
communicate on a daily basis. But in the last couple days, she is unable to
send or receive e-mails. When she presses e-mail button to write an e-mail,
the Earthlink Logo comes up. She presses e-mail, writes the e-mail, presses
send. It dials then redials to alternate # prefix 9. What comes up is can't
connect try again later or contact customer support. She tried sveral times
no luck. Called Customer Support who were very nice altho at one point she
had a hard time understanding due to accent on the person, She finally taked
to a very nice young lady awho suggested she put a toothpick in the back on
the reset hole. My Mom did and was told it should work. It still doesn't. So
I told her I would see what I could find out. I keep sending her e-mails
which do not return to me as undeliverable so could you Please help as to
what the problem may be. If you need any further info Please E-mail me at I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You for Your Time.
Sincerely, Missey Knapp

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