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  Author  Subject: Re: XFree86

Posted on 12-11-2000 02:15 a.m. ET  reply

Original Poster: Mark Krentel

To followup on Scott's questions:

(1) When your machine boots, does it go directly into X, or does it
give you a text login prompt and then you run startx? The prompt
would be better for debugging.

(2) What happens when you run startx at the prompt?

(3) Try as root from the prompt "X -probeonly 2>probe.out". What does
probe.out say?

(4) What kind of video card do you have? What graphics chip does it
have (which is more informative than the manufacturer and model)?

I suspect this is actually a window manager config problem, not an
XF86Config problem. What window manager does Corel give you, Gnome?
KDE? Try this experiment to see if anything changes:

(5) Move your .xinitrc file to another name, and create a new one with
the following minimal contents:

xterm &

Rerun startx at the prompt. What happens?

And if you switched to Corel from another version of Linux and had X
running there, your old XF86Config file will still work (assuming it's
the same hardware).

And remember that Ctrl-Alt-BackSpace will get you out of X.


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